Article 3

L & rsquo; Association "Article 3 Free and Equal" & Egrave; nee for give voice and scenery to a article fundamental of Constitution Italian through events, opportunities for discussion, reflections on the problems and opportunities & agrave; for Abruzzo and Italy in the European context.

An article that speaks to the present and does not use in conditional & rsquo; enumerate the rights that encloses, as is often the reality & agrave; forces us to do. It also establishes that the duties borne by those who guide the public affairs, in doing so that people will be realized by overcoming the obstacles and that each, with their own abilities & agrave;, talent and volont & agrave;, contributes to the growth and development of all.Even the Association of & ldquo; Article 3” il this indeal with topics of interest collettivthe, opening cleaved of discussion its topics that concern the realtà italiana ed europea, today, and capable of produce Results in future for achieve rights and svegliare duties.

INIZIATIVE-HOMETopics that through experiences and stories nearby, come back to power in people the belief that we can act in a positive way even when the reality & agrave; goes to a & rsquo; another direction and provide, on it, a different point of view to improve.

The moments of reflection and discussion promoted and carried out by the 2010 – year of birth of the – to date have focused on social issues, civil, cultural and political.